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    Product introduction
    The host absorption material
    Internal scrap machine
    Full pressure standby mode
    Full pressure working condition
    Technical parameters and instructions
    1Dimensions: 1300 (L) X600 (W) X1960 () (H).
    2:Power: 1.5KW, power supply three phase 380V。
    4:Built in muffler, noise DB value:<75DB
    5:Full pressure: Pa 2745/2844.
    6:Weight: 400kg---450kg
    7:Install independent of the switch button, the control part with leakage, phase and overload protection, the main pipe diameter ouside 160mm, auxiliary aperture ouside 50MM-- ouside 35mm.
    8: a self cooling system can run continuously for 90 hours without stopping, low fever, temperature are less than 50.
    9:The compact design, can be installed in a narrow space, the main use of steel plate is equal to or larger than 2mm and equal to or greater than 3mm, appearance is concise and elegant, paint light grey (color optional), the surface does not reflect light, not dazzling, resistance to corrosion of anti rust treatment and rain proof design, filter part of water tank with 304 stainless steel. The use of anti-static, environmental protection material pipeline pipeline white, regular maintenance and operation.
    10: storage box with sealing design,: opening and closing parts of the activities, the sealing ring seal can accommodate at least 15 volumes (> 16000 meters) materials strake (less than or equal to 15 mm), in the running process of the equipment, timing of sucked into the edge of the stamping the flattening, flattening of the strake of suction。
    11: equipment dust using water filter, automatic water supplement, through the filter back to the atmosphere in the air, the environment does not cause pollution, in line with environmental regulations.
    12: the equipment control part is installed on the cutting machine, which is convenient for use.

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