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             Shenzhen youlite Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of cutting machine, disc cutter of high-tech modern enterprise. The company specializes in R & D and production of foil cutting, cutting film, paper cutting machine and equipped with tools and other products.

            Widely used in electronic components, new energy materials, gold, foil, copper, film, plastic fiber, food, packaging and other industries. Company since, adhere to the "standardized operation, strict management, Zhouzhi service, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, "seeking a pragmatic, innovation and development" spirit of enterprise, reference and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad by high precision advanced equipment. The company has a collaborative, efficient organizational structure system, the integration of resources, strong control, for the community to provide first-class products and quality services. Over the years, I Division "first-class quality, first-class service, first-class reputation" for the purpose. In our more perfect sales network, our in the same industry more competitive, by sharing with peer to technology, the exchange of experience, make the tool industry in Shenzhen City, overall strength and visibility have further improved.

             Woori holding company has 27 professional and technical personnel. Strong technical strength of the company. Developed a number of high-performance products. 2007 is the Division I launched the most influential in the industry of cutting machine professional cleaning equipment. Is my company and strive to promote the practical products, in order to get high praise and the approval of the large enterprises. The product function solves the problem of foil powder in the capacitor industry for many years, which greatly reduces the external hidden trouble of the service life of the capacitor. More work environment purification to do the work of an alternative, the product of the market means that the capacitor industry is also a foil cutting process innovation.

    In 2008 our company again to make industry trends, cutting room dedicated packaging Taiwan, special tool cabinets, and special and Taiwan launched, product launch performance in the following points, neat and beautiful, and improve work efficiency for preventing error and cutting, leakage cut, chaotic pendulum misplacing phenomenon. To the capacitor industry cut foil process from a new conclusion, the future of the capacitor is a diversified market, long life, high quality is the goal of future development. This our develop implementation plans and capacitor before the management scheme and product: the cutting tool room accessories, aluminum foil cutting of packaging and storage, according to the needs of us in time become the industry Jiaojiao industry internal market.

            Company has become a major producer of domestic tool industry: domestic electrolytic capacitor well-known enterprises supporting the main manufacturers Wanyu international, Hui Electronic City, Rong Electronics, East Sunshine capacitance, Dongxin electronic, the capxon group, Guangzhou gold on science and technology, Zhuhai Gree, BAK in Zhuhai, Shenzhen sea sun, Dongguan new energy science and technology, Wuhan Qianlima technology and so on.

            Companies adhere to the quality of survival, service and development, to achieve a win-win concept, to open the door of wealth! All are welcome to come to the company to visit and negotiate business, to create a better future!

    Shenzhen youlite Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    copyright     Guangdong ICP 10215085

    address:1-2/F, building 8, Xinghui industrial city, Songgang Street, Bao 'an district, Shenzhen  

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